4. Which credit recognition system will be used during my studies with ARISE?

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For the ARISE Programme, study credit recognition and transfer will be regulated according to the principles of the Bologna process. As there is no current international African credit transfer system comparable to the ECTS system,  the ARISE partners will all use the ECTS grading scale in this context, as a commonly shared conversion scale which brings the different national credit systems into alignment. In recognition of different credit recognition system amongst ARISE partners, each Partner agrees to

  • To consider the study period abroad of each ARISE scholarship holder as an integral part of the study /research programme.
  • To guarantee the full academic recognition (including exams and other forms of evaluation) of the study/research period undertaken at the ARISE partner institution, through the signature of the Individual Student Learning Agreements.

With regards to transcripts each partner institution undertakes:

  • To provide the incoming student as well as the sending partner institution with a transcript of study results confirming that the programme has been completed.
  • To issue transcripts to ARISE scholarships holders in accordance with regulations at its own institution (for example which department can issue them, who signs them off and to issue transcripts) for both full degree and partial mobility.

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