National University of Rwanda, Rwanda

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The National University of Rwanda (NUR) is Rwanda’s state university. It opened on 3rd November 1963 as the first Rwandan institution of higher learning, with a mission to provide higher education, conduct research and offer services to the community.. In 1994 NUR was not spared by the genocide against Tutsis. However, despite the loss of people and resources during the genocide, it reopened in March 1995 and enrolled 3,261 students in eight Faculties and two Schools but its three campuses were merged into one in Butare.

The university is located in the Southern Province, 150 km south of the capital city of Kigali, and though the official languages of Rwanda are English, French and Kinyarwanda (the national language and mother tongue of Rwandans), the medium of instruction is English.  Currently, NUR is building its research capacity, by training professional researchers, enhancing research and publication level and supervising PhDs. NUR has established four thematic areas of research:

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(ii) Food Security, 

(iii) Environment Climate Change and Disaster management and

(iv) Economic Development and Good Governance. 



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