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Important to note in the event of interrupted studies or in the case of drop-out 

The scholarship can be put on hold if the student has to temporarily leave the host institution following duly justified and well documented reasons (i.e. illness etc.). In that case the scholarship payment must be interrupted he/she has returned to the host institution and can actively participate in the activities. If despite the temporary absence the scholarship holder can catch up on the study/research without extending the originally agreed scholarship duration, the monthly allowances corresponding to the period of interruption could be paid to the candidate if agreed among the partners and notified to the agency.

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If the reasons are due to force majeure, the absence of the scholarship holder would lead to an extension of the originally agreed eligibility period in order to finalise the mobility concerned. Hence, the coordinator must send to the Agency a duly substantiated request to extend the eligibility period of the Grant Agreement in question. This request will be treated as an official amendment.  

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If the interruption is due to academic reasons, as students have to study or carry out research or other activities for a short period at the home country or at other countries which are not the ones of the institutions included in the partnership, the monthly allowance is not paid for this period. Mobility flows are not allowed between institutions placed in the country of origin/nationality of the individual(s) concerned. The interruption can take place only after 6 consecutive months of study at host institutions.

The mobility for staff can be split in several shorter periods of minimum one month each.

If a scholarship holder decides to withdraw before or during the study period, the Partnership has the possibility to replace her/him from the reserve list and within the deadlines for start mobility of the respective cohort. If such replacement is not possible, the remaining monthly allowance and participation costs could be reallocated to another scholarship holder.

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