06.9/ PhD in Water Resource and Engineering and Management

Title: Ph.D. in Water Resource Engineering and ManagementArise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 06.9

Website Reference:AA012   

Duration (in semesters): 6 Semesters Credit per semester: 16 ECTS


The general objective of the Ph.D. program is to satisfy the national demand for highly trained Water Professionals at the Ph.D. level. The specific objectives of the Ph.D. program are: To train high-level professionals capable of solving practical engineering problems in the various fields of water resource engineering and management; To train Water Engineers aurobindo zoloft. #buy Zoloft. best sertraline brand. and Professionals who are capable of handling the planning, design, management, and construction of complex Water Related Civil Engineering Projects; To strengthen the link with the industry, so that candidates would work on the country's water engineering problem; To initiate, promote and foster research in different fields of Water Engineering and Management in line with the national needs; To promote inter-disciplinary scientific and technological development internationally.

  •  Structure and content (i.e. subjects covered):

Open Channel Hydraulics, Pluvial Processes & River Mechanics, Geostatistics, Hydroclimatology, Doctoral Dissertation Research.

  •  Learning  Outcomes:  

Upon  successful  completion  of the  PhD  Program  in  Water  Resource  Engineering  and  Management, diflucan one walgreens. #Order Diflucan. diflucan one where to buy.  the graduates will have acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Teach, carry out research and lead research projects in higher learning Institutions.
  • Identify, design and implement research projects independently or in leadership of a research team.
  • Lead the water resource development industry.
  • Consult and counsel the Government or the private Sector on project and problems in the Water Resource Engineering.
  • Serve as an agent of change in general, and in matters related to Water Resource Engineering Profession and practice.

  Recognition obtained (by relevant authority, year): Approved by the Addis Ababa University Senate in the year 2011.

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