Title: Ai??Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Arise Blank


Duration (in semesters): 4 semesters (two years)

Credits (per semester): Ai??90 (360 in total)




The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree. The main purpose of the Ph.D. programme is to train scientists to a level where they are capable of planning and undertaking original research projects, and of working at the highest level in any scientific undertaking. The qualified person will be able to contribute in his or her own right to scientific discourse, and to train others to the same level of skills and achievement. The programne is primarily an academic one, in that industry does not required a Ph.D. level qualification for most engineering posts, but would be a necessary qualification for anyone desiring to pursue a career in research at a high level. It is regarded as the entry-level qualification to an academic and research career in engineering I science at most universities.

The rationale of this qualification is to provide South Africa (and other African countries) with significant numbers of graduates in the engineering sciences in order to ensure that the local leadership base of innovative and knowledge-based economic and scholarly activity in these fields is widened.

Structure and content:

Candidates will be required to present a thesis on an approved topic.

A formal assessment of the competence of the Ph.D. student is carried out at the end of the project, in the process of examination of the dissertation. The dissertation will usually consist of a detailed report on, and analysis of the results of, a research project performed under the guidance of a suitable supervisor or supervisors. The assessment will be aimed at determining that the student has achieved the requisite level of knowledge required at this level, as well as the ability to use and apply specific methodological skills obtained in the programme, to formulate and carry out a research project, to report on it, to critically review current literature in the subject area, and to write material that is publishable in the scientific media. The thesis must constitute a substantial contribution to knowledge in the chosen subject; thus, the research needs to be original, and publishable, and the thesis must show evidence of independent thought. The thesis is also required to embody only the original fluconazole reviews for yeast infection. #Diflucan reviews. fluconazole for ringworm reviews. work of the candidate. Other assessment methods prior to submission of a dissertation will normallyAi?? include some form of review of a written research project proposal as well as possible review by supervisor(s) of oral presentations, journal club and other activities aimed at professionally training a scientist in a particular discipline.

Learning Outcomes:


Graduates of the programme are able to:

  1. Plan and execute research work, and report on such work.
  2. Exhibit a level of understanding of scientific literature appropriate to the practice of the chosen discipline.
  3. Make an original contribution to knowledge.
  4. Identify and solve problems in which responses display that a responsible decision using critical and creative thinking has been made.
  5. Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organization and community.
  6. Organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively.
  7. Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information.
  8. Communicate effectively.
  9. Use science and technology effectively and critically.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognizing that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation
  11. Participate as responsible citizens in the life of local, national and global communities
  12. Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts
  13. Develop entrepreneurial opportunities

Recognition and accreditation obtained:

Generic degree -no South African Qualifications Authority Identification number available. Ai??Qualification best way to take levitra. #Levitra reviews. levitra reviews webmd. allowed in terms of approved Programme and Qualification Mix (Department of Higher Education and Training list).

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