12.9/PhD Pathology

Title: Ph.D./M.Phil. in PathologyArise Blank

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Duration (in semesters): 8 (Ph.D.)/ 4 (M.Phil.)

Credits (per semester): n/a (Ph.D.)/ Minimum 60 credits (M.Phil.)


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Structure and content:

 Ph.D. This is a 3-year (full-time) post-M.Phil. programme. Students must complete 6 semesters of Research Work (Thesis), 6 Advanced Research Seminars, and an Oral examination at the end of the programme. It may include 24 credit hours of taught modules from the modules listed in the M.Phil. programme as needed to undertake research work.  M.Phil. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Pathology  is a 4-semester  programme of 60 credit hours altogether,  including a minimum  of 24 credit hours of taught modules. Core modules include: Pathology I, Pathology II, Pathology II Histological Techniques, Histological Techniques Practical, Seminar I, Biostatistics and Research Methods, Molecular Aspects of Cell Biology, Genetic Information; Storage and Transmission, Introduction to Bacteriology/Mycology/ Parasitology, Genetics and Cytogenetics, Biological Morphometry. Elective modules will be taken from other cognate Departments to support Candidates' chosen fields. Year 2 comprises of Seminar Presentation II of 3 credits and 30 credits for Thesis. Research Area of special interest (Ph.D & M.Phil.): Immunology of HIV/AIDS Viral Hepatitis.  

Learning outcomes: Candidates should:

  • Have a sound theoretical knowledge of the Scientific principles and mechanisms of disease causation.
  • Be able to embed, cut and stain sections ready for examination and also have basic practical knowledge in histochemistry, immunocytochemistry and electron microscopy.
  • Be able to conceive and follow through research.

Recognition and accreditation obtained:

  • Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pathology [Act of Parliament ACT 79 (1961), National Accreditation Board]
  • Master of Philosophy in Pathology [Act of Parliament ACT 79 (1961), National Accreditation  Board]

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