12.9/ MSc in Tropical and Infectious Diseases

Title: MSc in Tropical and Infectious DiseasesArise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.9

Website Reference: AA005  

Duration (in semesters): Three semesters

Credit per semester: 28-31.5 ECTS  


To train students in tropical and infectious diseases of medical and veterinary importance; To enable the trainees to guide and participate in tropical and infectious diseases prevention, control and evaluation programs; To combine the professional skills of veterinarians, medical personnel, biologists and laboratory technologists in combating tropical diseases; To equip the trainees with capabilities and experience to develop and teach courses in tropical and infectious diseases; To produce a research oriented manpoweer who will design and conduct a multi-disciplinary research in tropical diseases.

  •  Structure and contents (i.e. subjects covered):

Epidemiology   and   Biostatistics,   General   Biomedical   Sciences,  Traditional   Medicine,   Pedagogy,   Research Methods, difference between kamagra and kamagra gold. #Kamagra reviews. kamagra review blogs.  Parasitic  Diseases  of Humans and Animals,  Microbial  Diseases of Humans and  Animals,  Zoonotic, Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases, Vector Biology and Control, Thesis/Project/Comprehensive Examination.  

  • Learning Outcomes:

 Identify and analyze disease problems and recommend feasible solutions; Plan and implement professional development programs; Initiate, manage and evaluate innovations and changes; Analyze policy documents and adapt to local situations; Identify, develop, manage and evaluate programs and projects; Collect, store, retrieve and use information  for decision making, Help to design, manage and enrich health policies; Analyze disease issues and develop strategies for influencing policy development; Teach in national higher education institutions; diflucan pessary. #Buy Diflucan Online. diflucan one online. Train personnel in areas of veterinary and public health importance; Advocate on issues related to tropical infectious diseases.   Recognition obtained (by relevant authority, year, etc): Approved in the year 2007 by the Addis Ababa University Senate

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