12.9/MSc Tropical and Infectious Diseases

Title: Master of Science (Tropical and Infectious Diseases)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.9

Website Reference: NR034

Credits per semester: A minimum  of 5 courses per semester of 45 hours each (15 credits), Research  project  in second year.

Duration (in semesters): 6 semesters.


The programme is designed to train personnel who will form core infectious disease control teams consisting of physicians, dentists, pharmacists,  nurses, epidemiologists and biologists capable of predicting  disease outbreak, carrying out disease surveillance and controlling disease buy kamagra online with paypal. #Kamagra canada. buy kamagra oral jelly. epidemics. The established core will be expected to work closely with the relevant government ministries and international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO) and World Animal Health Information Data interface (WAHID) on disease surveillance and response.

Structure and Content:

Year 1: Medical Parasitological, Vector Biology, Immunology, Virology and Prion infections, Molecular Biology, Medical Microbiology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Research Methods & Grant Proposal Writing, Health Systems Management, Social Science and Health; Year 2: Track I Clinical: Tropical Paediatrics and Maternal Health, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Non-infectious Tropical Conditions,  Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Practicum; Track 2 Non Clinical: Laborat0ry techniques, Laboratory  Quality  Management  System, Good Clinical and Laboratory Practices (GCLP), Practicum;  Research project.

Learning  Outcomes:

Graduates  will  be equipped  with  (i) specialized  skills to recognize suspected  disease outbreaks in order to apply appropriate management and control measures, (ii) the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct research in tropical and infectious diseases, (iii) capacity for the prevention of outbreaks of epidemics and cany out surveillance of infectious diseases in the tropics.

Recognition Obtained/Employability:

UON degrees are doxycycline cost. #Canada Drugs Doxycycline. canadian drug pharmacy. recognised nationally and internationally. Graduates work in national/country governments of various countries, government and private hospitals, private dental practice, international research organizations and agencies, colleges and universities.

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