12.9/MSc Speech Language Pathology

Title: Master of Science in Speech-Language PathologyArise Blank

Duration (in semesters): Usually offered part-time over a minimum of 6 semesters (3 years) but can be completed in a minimum of 2 semesters (1 year) full-time Credits (per semester): 90 (180 in total) Objectives:


The purpose of the qualification is to (a) provide graduates in the field of Speech – Language  diflucan refill. #Diflucan Canada Online. fluconazole 150 mg price. Pathology with advanced knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders and related communication disorders; (b) provide continued personal intellectual growth, advanced research skills, and advanced communication skills;  (c) provide qualifiers with a broader vision of possibilities relating to the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders within the sphere of public health, health services management, and linguistic and cultural diversity; and (d) provide postgraduate speech language pathologists who are equipped with advanced theoretical information in line with current world-wide teachings and who can apply this knowledge in the South African and African contexts as clinicians, teachers and researchers. Professionals with a Bachelor's level qualification are given the opportunity to develop competency in research, self-direction and originality in thought and solving problems, and the ability to communicate important information and findings clearly to other professionals and members of the general public.  

Structure and content:

This is a degree by dissertation only, but two courses (not for credit) are pre-requisites. Integrated assessment is based on a combination of summative and formative assessment: (I) Written assignments. Ten written assignments reflecting an in-depth and critical review of literature and an advanced level of interpretation and integration are required across the two courses (eight modules). (2)  Written assignments accompanied by oral presentations. These include zoloft online overnight. #Zoloft canada. buy generic zoloft online. four written assignments as described above and an oral presentation. These assignments and presentations are unde1taken in groups. (3)  Written examinations. Four three-hour written examinations are undertaken (two per course). (4)  A dissertation in the field of audiology is to be completed. This requires a sophisticated and in­ depth level of understanding in the particular area of research. a thorough knowledge and application of accepted research methods, data collection and analysis, and the presentation of findings in a clear and systematic fashion with interpretation of new information determined by the leader.

The overall pass mark for the course work component is 50%. The overall pass mark for the dissertation is 50%. The overall pass mark for the degree is 50%.  

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the programme are able to: 1. Collect, analyse, organise and critically appraise information from various sources, and interpret and make judgments based on evidence and sound reasoning. 2. Understand the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation. 4. Communicate effectively. 5. Show numeracy skills and apply quantitative logic to problems. 6. Understand advanced theoretical and clinical concepts in the assessment and management of communication disorders and related cognitive and psycho-social aspects. 7. Understand the relevance and applicability of the assessment and management of communication disorders within the context of a diverse linguistic and cultural background. 8.Understand the management of communication disorders within the context of improved health service delivery. 9. Understand statistical concepts in published research, and interpret basic statistical results and perform elementary data description and analysis 10. Prepare research proposals and undertake research, with appropriate supervision, covering a range of topics related to communication and its disorders  

Recognition and accreditation obtained:

South African Qualifications Authority Identification No 3445

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