12.9/ MPhil Medical Sciences

Title: Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.9

Website Reference: RWA004

Duration (in semesters): 4 (2-3Years) Credits (per semester): 50 (fifty)


The main objective of the M.Phil. program is to comprehensively strengthen student's knowledge and skills in research. Four modules are planned as core modules and the rest of the modules are electives based on the student's research topic. Deliverables after completion are kamagra oral jelly buy online. #purchase Kamagra. kamagra jelly for sale. measured through publication of articles.

Structure and content:

The M.Phil. program is structured in four modules that are all satisfactorily covered in two years. Candidates are required to complete these core modules and 2-4 elective courses. Ai?? Modules and their respective units covered: Ai?? Epidemiology and Biostatistics – Computing, Epidemiology Methods, Biostatistics, Demography. Research Methods; Sampling Methods, Operational and Evaluative Research, Ethics in research, Quantitative Research Methods. Ai?? Advanced Epidemiology & Biostatistics – Quantitative Methods; Advanced Epidemiology, Biostatistics II (multivariate). Ai?? Elective courses Dissertation: Paper writing I & II. Ai?? Assessment methods: Progressive Assessment; For each module a progressive mark shall be awarded by the instructor using a set of criteria (group work, general participation, commitment, answering questions, and general professional conduct during class time), Written Examination; At the end of each module, a written examination shall be administered to the trainees. The score from all the written tests from the course units or end of module examination shall be weighted according to the duration of the unit for a score out of a total overall module score. Awarding of M.Phil. Degree; The degree of M.Phil. shall be awarded to a candidate who, having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic, has produced work at the forefront of knowledge, has demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field, and has presented and submitted 2 articles in the local peer reviewed journal. The degree of M.Phil. by Completed Work shall be awarded to a candidate whose previously completed submitted work has demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the overall theme, to the satisfaction of the examiners, and an assessment of its context in relation to the developing state of the art in the subject concerned and has produced work at the forefront of knowledge. The candidate must present and defend the thesis to the satisfaction of examiners in oral examination, the conduct of which will be in accordance with the regulations for the award of M.Phil.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this M.Phil. program, the graduate must be able to promote health, able to monitor effectively health interventions, document health systems and ability to analyse health issues and draw recommendations.

Recognition and accreditation obtained:

The programmes Ai??was validated Ai??by NUR Senate & Board of Directors, Rwanda High Education Council (HEC and finally approved by fluconazole over the counter cvs. #Buy Diflucan USA. fluconazole 150 mg price walmart. Rwandan Cabinet). Rwanda Law, Presidential Decree of 2010 (51/01).

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