12.9/MPhil Applied Health Social Science

Title: Ph.D. / M.Phil. Applied Health Social ScienceArise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.9

Website Reference: GH007

Duration (in semesters): 8 (PhD) / 4 (MPhil) Credits: n/a (PhD)/ 60-72 credit hours (MPhil)


To train competent professionals in the area of Applied Health Social Science; To expose health and development levitra dosage 40 mg. #order Levitra. how to take levitra. workers to Social Science techniques, tools, approaches, methodologies and best practices needed for effective programme design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and management.

Structure and content:

Ph.D. This is a 3-year (full-time) post-MPhil  – programme. Students must complete 6 semesters of Research Work (Thesis), 6 Advanced Research Seminars, and an Oral examination at the end of the programme. It may include 24 credit hours of taught courses from the courses listed in the M.Phil. programme as needed to undertake research work.  M.Phil.   Students will be expected to complete a total of 60- 72 credit hours. The programme comprises of a 12-month full­time residential course of two semesters and 12-weeks of field practice in year 1. The first semester will be devoted to core course work and the second to both core and elective coursework. Core courses include: Methods in Biostatistics I, Research Methods in Public Health, Principles of Epidemiology, Foundations of Public Health, Behavioural Science, Applied Social Science for Public Health, Health Promotion and Practice, Fundamentals of Implementation Research (IR), Implementation Research, Social Science Data Management and Report Writing, Gender and Health, Community Mobilisation in Health and Development. Elective courses include: Theories and Models of Health Promotion, Evidence-based Approach to Health Communication, Global Perspectives in Health Promotion, Health Research Policy Development  and Implementation, Ageing and Health,  Women's Health in Sub-Saharan Africa,  Gender and Violence, Health and Development  in the Third World, Plural Medical Systems in the Third World, Social Science Theories in Public Health Practice & Research, Advanced Health Systems Development and Management. Year 2 comprises of 3 credit hours of field practicals and attachment, 30 credits of Thesis Research, and 3 credits of two (2) Thesis Research seminars. Course delivery includes lectures, seminars, workshops, group work, student presentations, and assignments. Tutorials may be given on individual or group basis. Teaching staff for the courses will be drawn from the SPH, the University faculty at large and senior specialists from the Ghana Health Service. Academic Supervisors will guide student research and production of theses from the Department, other departments in SPH as well as collaborating institutions in the University of Ghana.

Learning outcomes:

To develop sharpened dissemination skills; To develop practical competencies topics in diflucan uk boots. #Buy Diflucan. fluconazole 50mg. the areas of Public Health, Biostatistics, Social Science methods in Health Systems/ Implementation Research, Health Policy and Ethics; To master Social Science approaches to health research in such areas as health promotion, gender advocacy in health, gender in development, implementation research, health research, health programme design, etc.


Recognition and accreditation obtained:


Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Health Social Science [Act of Parliament ACT 79 (1961), National Accreditation Board] Master of Philosophy degree in Applied Health Social Science [Act of Parliament ACT 79 (1961), National Accreditation Board]

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