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Title: Master of Medicine (with options in Anaesthesiology;  Internal Medicine; Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Paediatrics; Surgery; Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery; Family Medicine and Community Health)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.9

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Duration (in semesters): 8 semesters

Credits (per semester): 30 credits formal teaching (residency practice not included).  


The Master of Medicine programme aims at contributing to:

  1. Improve the quality of healthcare to the population by endowing the country with a sufficient number of competent specialists;
  2. Endow the country with a sufficient number of competent teachers in order to ensure future medical training;
  3. Stimulate and promote medical research in Rwanda in order to improve the quality of medicine;
  4. Ensure the pedagogic and practical supervision of the national health services personnel;
  5. Ensure the management of the national health services.

Structure and content:

The entire programme comprises 240 credits, distributed as follows: First year: Research Methodology; Laboratory Medicine: 20 credits; Specialty modules: 40 credits; Second year: Specialty modules: 40 credits; Residency module: 20 credits; Third year: Specialty modules: 20 credits; Residency modules: 20 credits; Dissertation: 20 credits; Fourth year: Residency modules: 20 credits; Dissertation: 40 credits.   Anesthesia option: Year I: Physiology & Pharmacology; Year II & III: Anesthesia for the different organ systems; Critical care, Pain management, anaesthesia complications; Year IV: Dissertation Internal Medicine option: Year I: Cardiology; Pneumology; Nephrology;  Immunohaematology  and oncology; Year II: Gastroenterology; Infectious and parasitic diseases and dermatology; Endocrinology, Metabolic diseases, Rheumatology and autoimmune diseases; Neurology, psychiatry and geriatrics; Year III: Emergencies; Year IV: Dissertation. Obstetrics and Gynecology option:  Year I: Eutocic delivery; Dystocic delivery; Obstetrical pathology; Surgical aspects in obstetrics and gynaecology; Year II: Great syndromes in gynaecology; Medico-surgical emergencies in obstetrics and gynaecology; Reproductive health and antenatal care; Year III: Functional explorations and imaging in obstetrics and gynaecology and cancer screening; Year IV: Dissertation Pediatrics Option:  Year I: Immuno-haematology  and cancerology; Gastroenterology, endocrine and metabolic diseases; Neonatology; Normal feeding, growth and development, social and preventive paediatrics: Year II: Cardiology, pneumology and nephrology; Infectious diseases; Rheumatology, orthopedics and surgery; Emergencies and resuscitation; Year III: Neurology and paedopsychiatry; Year IV: Dissertation. Surgery option: Year I: Anatomy and physiology; Locoregional anaesthesia; Surgical pathology and general surgical techniques; Emergencies and resuscitation; Year II: Osteosynthesis, orthopedics and traumatology; Visceral surgery; Urology; Paediatric, thoracic and vascular surgery; Neurosurgery; Year III: Plastic, reconstructive and cervico-maxillo-facial surgery; Year IV: Dissertation   Assessment schedule

  • Daily formative evaluation, also for purposes of end-of-rotation assessment.
  • At completion of rotation, written evaluation.
  • Annual assessment of knowledge and skills.
  • 4th year: Assessment of knowledge, skills; assessment of dissertation.
  • External examiners participate in the final assessment.


Learning outcomes

At the end of the training, the candidate Master how to make levitra more effective. #cheap Levitra. levitra dosage. of Medicine should be able to:

  •  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of clinical and paraclinical diagnosis and medical treatment;
  • Practice in the specialty area;
  • Supervise undergraduate studies in the specialty area;
  • Carry out basic and operational research in the specialty area.


Specific  learning  outcomes:

Anaesthesiology: Demonstrate mastery of anaesthesia techniques, resuscitation, management of emergencies; Internal Medicine:  Ensure diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases ; Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Carry out normal and pathologic delivery, obstetrical manoeuvres and surgical operations, medical and surgical management of gynaecological diseases; Paediatrics: Ensure diagnosis and treatment of paediatric diseases Surgery: Ensure medical and surgical management of surgical diseases.  

Recognition and Accreditation Obtained:

The Master of Medicine programme has been approved by the Cabinet in Aug 2005. The programme was revalidated in 2008.

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