12.9/M Food Science and Nutrition

Title: Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition Application Arise Blank

Reference EU Code: 12.9

Website Reference: AA003    

Duration (in semesters): Three semesters 

Credit per semester: 31-37 ECTS


Train Food Science and Nutrition professionals with a multi-disciplinary appreciation of quality assurance and product development and sales issues for an effective use of resources and sustainable development, doxycycline reviews for chlamydia. #Doxycycline reviews. how effective is doxycycline. Develop Food Science and Nutrition experts who can plan and execute research on related issues of Food Science and Nutrition, generate baseline data which will serve to tackle and solve food science and  Nutrition  problems, Increase the level of awareness of the public with regard to environmental degradation and soil nutrients depletion related to food production, identify and solve problems related to the Food Science and Nutrition.  

  •  Structure and contents (i.e. subjects covered):

 Computational Methods in Food Formulation, Food Industry Management, Legislations and Regulations, Food Analysis, Food Processing Technology, Food Chemistry and Toxicology, Applied Human Nutrition, Food and Industrial Microbiology, levitra 20mg canada. #Levitra canada. buy generic levitra online. Advanced Sensory Analysis, Advanced Food Science and Nutrition Seminar, Research Methods in Food Science and Nutrition.  

  •  Learning outcomes:

 Understand the causes for food shortage and come up with solution, develop new food formulation and products, suggest proper management of natural resources that enhances food security, work on community based strategies to bring awareness about loss in post harvest practices, formulate tailored strategies and research projects on Food Science and Nutrition, solve nutritional problems of the country.   Recognition obtained (by relevant authority, year, etc): Approved by the Addis Ababa University Senate in the year 2010.

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