12.7 / M Public Health

Title: Masters in Public HealthArise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.7

Website Reference: RWA011  

Duration (in semesters):  4 Credits (per semester):  60  


 The main objective of the M.PH. is to equip health professionals with necessary skills for planning, management and evaluation of health services in order to improve people's health in Rwanda.   Structure and content: M.PH. program is structured in 11 modules that are all satisfactorily covered in two years; Candidates are required to complete 7 compulsory modules including field work placement for the first year and 4 modules will be covered in the second year including research work.   Modules and their respective units covered: Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Computing, Introduction to Public Health, Epidemiology l Biostatistics I & Demography. Management of Quality of Health Systems; Management  of Health Information System, Health Sciences Quality Assurance, Management of Resources  of Health Services & IT and GJS in Health System Information Management. Applied Analytic Methods; Biostatistics II, Epidemiology II & Modeling. Applied Research Methods; Operational and Evaluative Research, Research Ethics, Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods & Scientific Communication. Field Work Placement 1&2; Health Context; Community Developmental and Health, Occupational Health and Diseases, Environment & Health & Disasters Management, Preparedness  and Planning. Evaluation of Health Situation and Priorities Interventions; Burden of Diseases, Communicable Diseases, Non Communicable Diseases, Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Health & Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs. Health Policy and Planning; Health Policy and Cooperation in Health, Health Planning, Health Economics & Applied Health Economies. llealth and Communication: Health Promotion and Behavioural Change, Team Building and Training, Interpersonal Communication and Health, Media and Health & Community-Bases Health interventions. Assessment Methods:  Progressive Assessment; For each module a progressive mark shall be awarded by the instructor using a set of criteria (group work, general participation, commitment, answering questions, and general professional conduct during class time), Written Examination; At the end of each module, a written examination shall be administered to the trainees. The score from all the written tests from the course units or end of module examination shall be weighted according to the duration of the unit for a score out of a total 20% of the overall module score. Field Assignment; The oral presentation and report from the field assignment at the end of the first 6 modules shall be evaluated by two independent faculty members and awarded a mark out of !0% of the overall module score.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this M.PH. program, the graduate must be able to promote health, prevent diseases, supervise clinical and which works faster and better for depression zoloft or fluoxetine. #order Zoloft . prozac vs zoloft weight gain. health  services provisions, and act as a "leader" in public health throughout the country. Also graduates should have knowledge and understanding of fundamental public health concepts and theories and their applications in different contexts.

Recognition  and Accreditation Obtained:

The programmes fluconazole reviews for toenail fungus. #Diflucan reviews. patient reviews of fluconazole.  was validated by NUR Senate & Board of Directors Oct 2001, High Education Council and finally approved by Cabinet.

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