12.6/MSc Nursing

Title: Master of Science in NursingArise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 12.6

Website Reference: UCT006  

Duration fluconazole walmart canada. #Diflucan Canada. diflucan canada coupon. (in semesters): Maximum period of 6 semesters (three years)

Credits (per semester): 30 (180 in total)  


The Master's in Nursing programme aims to prepare graduates who will be able to demonstrate competence in the research process, and an understanding of the main approaches and paradigms – both qualitative and qualitative -in health sciences research. The programme aims to facilitate the development of reflective practice, the utilisation of appropriate theoretical foundation for nursing practice, the identification of researchable nursing or midwifery problems and the conducting of research, the findings of which will contribute to the advancement of the nursing/midwifery practice. The programme is based on adult educational principles. The coursework is designed to foster leadership, clinical, research and educational expertise and critical thinking, interpretive and motivational skills, and evidence-based practice. The rationale is to prepare graduates to be leaders in their field, capable of addressing national and kamagra oral jelly review forum. #cheap Kamagra. is it safe to use kamagra?. African health priorities, building on their prior knowledge acquired in the undergraduate nursing course.  

Structure and content:

The programme is offered as a degree by dissertation only; or by coursework and dissertation. The programme by coursework and dissertation consists of four courses plus a minor dissertation of a maximum of 25,000 words. Taught core courses provide the candidate with a base for critically examining nursing practice by achieving a sound understanding of the principles and methods of research and professional issues. Elective courses reflect the interests and areas of practice of individual candidates. (a) Obligatory core courses: Research Methods (15 credits); Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice (22 credits) plus, (b) a total of 53 credits of elective courses to be approved by the programme convener, which may be taken from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences or from programmes offered by other faculties/departments, where the student meets the required prerequisites and a place is available (53 credits), (c) MSc Nursing minor dissertation (90 credits).

Assessment of coursework: Essays, project reports and reflective journals all count towards the assessment of taught courses. Each course is assessed in a manner appropriate to the course content and objectives. Assessment of minor dissertation: The minor disse1tation (25,000 words) is externally examined and constitutes 50% of the final mark. It must be passed with at least a 50% final mark. The disse1tation of a maximum of 50,000 words comprises the full weighting of the degree by disse1tation. Students are also required to complete a postgraduate level course in research methodology prior to the submission of their research proposal. The evaluation of the disse1tation is formative in character and synoptically evaluates all outcomes. In the case of the degrees by dissertation only, the evaluation of the disse1tation is formative in character and synoptically evaluates all outcomes. In each case, examiners submit formal reports on the thesis, which are made available to the candidate.  

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the programme are able to:

  1. Identify researchable problems, plan and conduct research
  2. Promote the use of research findings and thus also contribute to the body of nursing knowledge through practice-based research
  3. Incorporate theories and advanced knowledge into nursing practice
  4. Use leadership, management and teaching knowledge and competencies to influence nursing practice
  5. Assume responsibility for contributing to the advancement of nursing practice


Recognition and Accreditation Obtained:

Not separately accredited- approved as part of the approved Programme and Qualification Mix for UCT (Department of Higher Education and Training List).

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