12.5/MSc Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Title: Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality AssuranceArise Blank

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Duration (in semesters): 4 Credits (per semester): 60


The Master of Science Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality Assurance aims to train highly qualified  professionals  in both quality control and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and related substances.

Structure and content:

MQC&QA is structed in modules that are covered in 2 years:year 1 comprises 6 modules that are compulsory; year 2 devotes to practical hands-on, seminars research methodology and thesis: Theoretical Courses are: Introduction to Quality Assurance, Physicochemical  properties of medicines, Security and waste management in pharmacy, Statistics applied to pharmaceutical  fields, Validation of analytical methods, Measurement Uncertainty and Oriented Courses on different methods of quality control of medicines.

Assessment and Strategy:

At the end of the theories, the candidates sit for a written exam to evaluate knowledge and understanding of the concepts studied. The candidates take in-course assignments related to the orientation according to the study plan for each module. Assessment is formative based on the where to buy diflucan over the counter. #Order Diflucan. diflucan one cvs. realization of the exercises after every module and discussion on actual cases-study. Acquired skills are tested during fieldworks and the capability of a candidate to report his/her documentation and research findings. The weight distribution of modular marks is determined according to course weight.

Learning outcomes:

  • A systematic and comprehensive understanding of the main aspects of medicines quality control and quality assurance,
  • An understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry ensure the quality of pharmaceutical  delivery systems


Recognition and Accreditation Obtained:

The program has obtained the approval of NUR senate, and approbation of Goverment Council. Cabinet 2012.

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