12.1/ M Med

Title: Master of Medicine Arise Blank

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The master of Medicine degree course is intended to train medically qualified doctors to master the practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention illness in their area of specialization as well as giving them a sound scientific foundation to enable them to teach students (undergraduate and postgraduate), and cany out original research.

Duration (in semesters): 6 semesters

Structure and content: AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION  AVAILABLE; Internal medicine, Human  Pathology, General Surgery, Orthopaedic surgery, Neurosurgery,  Anaesthesia,   Obstetrics and gynaecology, Paediatrics and childhealth, Ophthalmology, Ear nose and throat surgery, Radiology.   Learning Outcomes: Graduates will be able equipped with adequate skills to practice in the discipline of specialization and be able to engage in research and teaching.  

Recognition obtained (by relevant authority, year etc.)/Employability: UON degrees are recognised nationally and internationally. Graduates work in national/county Ministries of Health of various governments, government and private hospitals, private clinical practice, colleges and universities.

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