01.9/PhD Plant Breeding

Title: Ph.D. Plant Breeding

 Application Reference EU Code: 1.9

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Duration in Semesters:  10 Semesters Credits (per semester): N/A  


 To train competent professionals in the area of Plant Breeding.  

 Structure and content:

A 5-year programme consisting of 2 years of academic study at the University of Ghana and 3 years of field fluconazole shopping. #Diflucan Canada Online. fluconazole canada pharmacy. research at the student's research station/university in his/her home country. The course work and research will focus on the following West Africa food crops: Cereals (maize, rice, sorghum, millet); Root mul tubers (cassava and sweet potato); Legumes (cowpea and groundnut); Vegetables (tomato and pepper).

Courses offered in the 1st year include: Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants, Biometry and Research Methods, Plant­ microbial Interactions and the Control of Plant Diseases, Quantitative Inheritance in Plant Breeding, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology in Plant Breeding, Physiology of Environmental Stresses, Plant Genetics, Plant Virology, Plant Cell and Tissue Culture, Integrated Pest Management.

Courses offered in the 2nd year include: Techniques in Plant Breeding  (Breeding cross-pollinated  crops, Breeding  self – pollinated crops, Breeding  root and  tuber crops  (cassava, sweet potatoes),  Breeding plantains  and  bananas, Data  Collection and Management  Analysis  of plant   breeding  & genetics  data,  GIS (Geographic  Information  Systems); Advanced agronomy  (Conservation agriculture);  Biotic  and  abiotic  constrain  (Drought/nutrient  stress,  Striga, Diseases  & nematodes,  Insect  Pests); Molecular  tools in Plant  Breeding  (Molecular markets  and marker  assisted  breeding, Bioinformatics,  Plant transformation technology,  Tissue culture applicants);  Variental development  and release (Seed  Technology  and seed  company  establishment,  How  to run a practical   breeding program);  Scientific Communication  (Technical writing skills, Advanced  Scientific Communication, PRA training.

Recognition and accreditation obtained

(name of relevant authority):  Doctor of Philosophy degree in Plant Breeding [Act of Parliament ACT 79 (1961), National Accreditation Board]

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