06.9/M Eng Water Quality Engineering

Title: Master of Engineering (with streams offered in Transport Studies; Water Quality Engineering; Radar)Arise Blank

Duration (in semesters):  2 semesters (1 year)

Credits (per semester):  90 (180 in total)


The objective is to provide South Africa (and other African countries) with Master's level graduates who have high-level knowledge, competence and skills in the kamagra side effects dangers. #cheap Kamagra. kamagra oral jelly price. science, engineering, technological and management arenas so that they may act as pa1ticipants in or leaders of project teams dealing creatively with social, developmental, environmental, engineering and physical design challenges associated with human activity. More specifically, qualifiers will gain: 1. Postgraduate-level  knowledge in mathematical, scientific, engineering and business sciences that will allow them to solve engineering, technological, management and social problems; 2. Appropriate skills and tools to enhance the engineering and business management enterprise; 3. Effective communication skills, to enhance interaction with the wider engineering and business community; 4. The necessary understanding of the professional and ethical qualities required for the practice of engineering and business management for the good of society; 5. Knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the upliftment of communities through engineering, management and other related professional activities.

Structure and content:

A candidate for the M.Eng. programme shall complete approved core courses (minimum of 120 credits) and research (60 credits), and shall comply with all the prescribed curriculum requirements.  Students on the programme will  be assessed through a range of methods for both formative and summative purposes. The assessment for most of the modules will largely centre on practice-based projects, that is, within the boundaries of the course topic, learners will be able to identify problems or areas of interest that they want to explore fmther. Students will have the where can i buy diflucan 1. #Order Diflucan. diflucan one walmart. opportunity to display a range of foundational, practical and reflexive competencies developed through their experience as professionals and through the course. Those who are interested  in more in-depth investigations can select the project elective that will give them the opportunity to integrate the full range of competencies developed through all their courses. The project will consist of a small-scale investigation focusing on some educational issue that could arise in the student's own disciplinary context. The criteria for the assessment will be: a clear identification and justification of the educational problem which gives rise to the enquiry; the extent to which the project is contextually sensitive, theoretically justified, and practically feasible; and whether the project is communicated in a manner appropriate to the professional context.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the programme are able to:

  1. Communicate effectively with business audiences and the community.
  2. Show awareness of the impact of engineering, business and management activity on society and the environment, and exercise the appropriate judgement in analysis, synthesis and design.
  3. Work effectively as individuals, in teams and in multi-disciplinary enviromnents, showing leadership and performing critical functions.
  4. Act professionally and ethically, take responsibility and exercise judgement  commensurate with knowledge and experience.
  5. Undertake continuing professional  development through ongoing education.
  6. Apply information logically and creatively.
  7. Undertake or propose at a high level engineering, planning and/or managerial designs, procedures and/or processes.
  8. Assist with engineering and managerial systems or processes with due regard for the health and safety of personnel, and within the constraints of a budget.
  9. Use spatially referenced data for the solution of engineering problems.
  10. Exercise leadership and managerial skills in the wider engineering and business enviromnent, thus enhancing productivity and effectiveness.


Recognition and accreditation obtained:

South African Qualifications Authority Identification No 67426

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