06.4/ MSc in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering)

Title; M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) Arise Blank

Application Reference buy doxycycline for dogs online. #Order Doxycycline. buy doxycycline for syphilis. EU Code:06.4

Duration (in semesters): 3 semesters

Website Reference: AA006    

Credits Per Semester: 28-32 ECTS


To train Geotechnical Engineers who are capable of directing and performing site investigations and soil laboratory testing as well as evaluating and interpreting  investigation results for building and bridge site, dam sites, roads, highways, etc, To train Geotechnical Engineers who are capable of handling the  design  and  construction  of building and bridge foundations, dams, dam foundations, roads, retaining and underground structures, etc.  

  • Structure and content (i.e. subjects):


  • Pedagogy, Research Methods, Advanced Mathematics  for Engineers,  Engineering Geology, Theory of Elasticity in Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Computational Methods in Geotechnical  Engineering,  Advanced Foundation Engineering, Analysis of Slopes, Earth Retaining Structures and Underground Structures, Field Exploration and Soil Testing, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Engineering Properties of Tropical Soils, Thesis


  • Learning outcomes:


  • Teaching in universities and colleges,  directing  and  performing  site  as well  as  laboratory  investigations  for building and bridge sites, dam sites, selecting dam or pavement construction materials, designing foundations and pavements of problematic soils like expansive soils.

  Recognition obtained (by relevant authorities, levitra online india. #buy Levitra online. levitra online uk. year, etc): Approved by the Addis Ababa University Senate in 2005.

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