06.1/MSc Mechanical Engineering

Title: MSc. In Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 06.1

Website Reference: AA010  Duration (in semesters): Three Semesters

Credit per semester: 28-32 ECTS      


Training instructors for higher learning institutions in the country; Producing qualified mangers and experts for industrial plants; actively participating in research and diflucan canada over the counter. #Diflucan Canada. diflucan one. development endeavors.

  •  Structure and content (i.e. subjects):

Pedagogy, Research Methodology and Computational Skill, Analytical Methods in Engineering, buy generic vardenafil. #generic Levitra. cheapest generic levitra. Advanced Computational Methods, Finite Element Methods, Advanced Thermodynamics, Computational Heat Transfer, Advanced Fluid Dynamics (Elective), Computational Fluid Dynamic (Elective), Renewable Energy Conversion, Energy Conservation and Pollution Control, Thermal Equipment and Systems Design (Elective), Advanced Power Plant Engineering (Elective), Industrial Project Management, Thesis.

  •  Learning outcomes:

Product  design,  development  and   manufacturing;   Industrial   plant   design,   equipment   selection,   plant   erection, operation  and  maintenance;  Industrial  gas-  and   water   supply   system/component   design;   Automotive   and construction equipment design and maintenance; Energy conversion system/component design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance; Heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning, system/component design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance; Industrial project design and evaluation, Project management; Factory and technical service management in the capacity of general manager, technical manager, operation manager, maintenance manager and sales manager.     Recognition obtained (by relevant authority, year):  Approved by the Addis Ababa University Senate in the year 2006.

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