01.9/Veterinary Public Health

Title: PHD (Veterinary Public Health)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 01.9

Website Reference: NR016  

Duration (in semesters): 6- diflucan one walmart. #Buy Diflucan Canada. diflucan one canada. 8 semesters


The programme is designed to: provide graduates with up to date knowledge and expertise needed to provide adequate response to the global changes that are putting great demand on Veterinary Public Health (VPH) activities, produce graduates with strong scientific and technical competence in the prevention and control of zoonotic and food borne diseases and produce graduates with the latest methods and concepts to improve the delivery of animal and human health services.

Structure and Content:

Research project and thesis.

Learning  Outcomes:  

Graduates  with necessary skills to respond  to global  changes exerting great demand on VPH activities, strong scientific and technical competence in control and prevention of zoonotic and foodborne diseases. Recognition Obtained /Employability:                                                                                             levitra cost uk. #buy Levitra online. levitra online best price. UON    degrees   are   recognised   nationally   and internationally. Graduates work in national/country governments of various countries, private companies, NGOs and civil societies, international organizations and agencies, colleges and universities, self enterprises etc.

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