01.9/MSc Environmental Chemistry

Title: Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry.Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 01.9

Website Reference: NR007

Credits per semester: A levitra dosage. #cheap Levitra. how to make levitra more effective. minimum of 5 courses per semester of 45 hours each ( 15 credits), Research project in second year.

Duration (in sernesters): 4 semesters.


The course is designed to enable graduates acquire knowledge and skills in environmental science and technology, and to be able to guide public policy and economic growth in ways that will improve livelihoods and protect the physical environment.

Structure and Content:

Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Physical Methods In Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Fuel Chemistry, Water Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Role Of Metal Ions Biological Systems, Toxic Chemicals In Environment, Resources In Environmental Chemistry. Research project.


Graduates Ai??qualify Ai??for Ai??certification/registrationAi?? Ai??by Ai??National Ai??Environmental Ai??Management Ai??Authorities. They can undertake Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Audits as experts.


UON Ai??degrees Ai??are Ai??recognised Ai??nationally Ai??and internationally. Ai??GraduatesAi??Ai??work Ai??in Ai??national/county Ai??govennnents Ai??ofAi?? various Ai??countries, Ai??private Ai??companies, Ai??NGOs Ai??and Ai??civil societies, international research organizations and agencies, colleges fluconazole side effects. #Generic Diflucan . fluconazole tablets. and universities, self enterprises etc.

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