01.9/MSc Agricultural Entomology

Title: Master of Science (Agricultural Entomology)Arise Blank

Application Reference EU Code: 01.9

Website Reference: NR001  

Credits per semester: A minimum of 5 courses per semester of 45 hours each (15 credits), Research project in second year. 

Duration: diflucan one where to buy. #Buy Diflucan Canada. diflucan one canada. 4 Semesters  


To provide advanced training in detection, identification, classification, biology as well as diverse practical aspects of management and control of insect pests of agricultural crops, trees and forests and, vectors of human, livestock and wildlife diseases. Duration (in semesters): 4 semesters.

Structure and Content:  

Principles of Anthropod  Morphology  and Classification Comparative Anthropod Physiology, Cytology and Genetics of Insects, Biology of Terrestrial Anthropods,  Ecological Principles and Methods, Insect Behaviour, Statistical methods in Entomology, Principles of Biological Control of Anthropod Pests, Pesticides, Laboratory Techniques, kamagra uk review. #Kamagra canada. super kamagra uk. Pests of Stored Products, Pollinators and other Beneficial Insects, Insect Population Ecology, Plant-parasitic Nematodes, Principles of Insect Pathology, Pest Management, Plant Resistance to Insects . Research project.

Learning outcomes:

Graduates have expertise in management and control of insect pests of agricultural crops and vectors of human, livestock and wildlife diseases.

Recognition obtained /Employability:

UON degrees are recognised  nationally  and internationally. Graduates work in national/county governments of various countries, private companies, NGOs and civil societies, international research organizations and agencies, colleges and universities, self enterprises etc.  

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